Sonic Frygate: Is There a French Fry Shrinkage? Or Is This Just Terrible Food Service? This is a 'Medium' french fry at a Sonic Drive in.

Sonic Frygate: Is There a French Fry Shrinkage? Or Is This Just Terrible Food Service? This is a 'Medium' french fry at a Sonic Drive in.
Shrinkage of Sonic's Cheese Fries

The Curious Case of Sonic's Cheese Fries: Shrinkage or Service Snafu?


Fast food establishments often tantalize our taste buds with promises of crispy fries, gooey cheese, and savory satisfaction. But what happens when those golden expectations fall flat? Our protagonist (that's Yours Truly!) embarked on a cheese fry adventure at Sonic, only to encounter a perplexing portion size. Buckle up as we dissect this cheesy mystery! I was just on Facebook looking at the adverts that sold me on the product and the likeness of this and what you get in IRL are two different worlds. The Fries were not only ice cold but undercooked. What was ordered was a medium cheese fry with EXTRA shredded cheese. The cheese definitely does not appear to be shredded cheese or extra from any stretch of the imagination. And yet somehow the fries were also cold. So if they had in fact added shredded cheese for it to have melted like this the fries would have had to be hot. Obviously the just added a slice of regular cheese to already cold fries and microwaved it.

The Incident

Picture this: You're at Sonic, craving that quintessential combo of fries and cheese. You confidently order a medium serving of cheese fries, anticipating a generous heap of crispy spuds smothered in shredded cheddar goodness. But alas! When the food reaches your car, it is a mere handful of lonely fries, each cradling a solitary slice of cheese. Your inner foodie recoils in disbelief. Not mention raw undercooked and cold. You can literally see the green of the potato in the pictures! No effort or F's given apparently

The Evidence

Quantity Quandary: A medium order should evoke visions of abundance—a cornucopia of fries cascading from the tray. Instead, you're left counting the spuds like a disappointed mathematician. Four to six fries? That's hardly a meal; it's a snack for a hungry squirrel!

Cheese Chronicles: The cheese situation is equally suspect. You paid for extra shredded cheese, but it seems Sonic's cheese elves swapped their graters for pocket knives. Sliced cheese? Really? It's like they raided the sandwich station and called it a day.

Expert Opinions

To unravel this culinary enigma, we sought insights from experts:

The Fryologist: Dr. Crispin Spudworthy, renowned fryologist, suggests that Sonic's fries may have suffered from "portion amnesia." In his words, "Fries, like memories, can be fleeting. But a medium order should leave a lasting impression."

Cheese Whisperer: Gouda McMelty, our resident cheese whisperer, believes the sliced cheese debacle is a symptom of "fromage fatigue." "When cheese cutters tire," he explains, "they resort to slices. It's a cry for help."


Is it shrinkage? Is it service sabotage? We'll leave that to the food detectives. As for you, dear reader, channel your inner food critic. Write that scathing Yelp review, pen that scorching blog post, and let the world know: Sonic's cheese fries need a makeover. Whether it's a case of shrinkage or just terrible food service, one thing's certain—your cheese fry saga deserves a spotlight.


Sonic was unable to be reached for comment but we did speak to a robot on their social media that responded with the toll free number to call, which we had already called, only to get two coupons for a free (not even a cheese fry), with an ADDITIONAL purchase which could only be used once , but not in the same day as the previous order or with any other offers or coupons or any days that end in y.

So go forth, wield your pen (or keyboard), and immortalize this cheesy injustice. And remember, next time you order, demand fries that defy shrinkage and cheese that melts hearts. 🍟🧀