Be Careful Replacing Your Windshield On New Model Vehicles

Be Careful Replacing Your Windshield On New Model Vehicles
Today, my plans for Vacation were completely ruined. I had been intending to get my car's windshield fixed, as I have had terrible luck with windshields in the past. I've lost count, but this would be either my fourth or fifth replacement. Thankfully, in Arizona, my insurance covers the cost. So this time, I was relieved knowing it wouldn't cost me anything this time as I'd always previously paid in cash and decided to have it done by a professional. Having had to replace windshields multiple times before, I have gained enough knowledge to almost do the job myself. I know exactly what needs to be done and have learned from others' mistakes in the past. For instance, during my first replacement, the technician damaged the motor arms controlling the windshield wipers because he didn't remove and install them properly. I had to go to the dealership to resolve the issue. This cost thousands of dollars of damage. Since then, every time I've had a replacement, I made sure to inform the technicians about the necessary steps, including removing the wiper arms and being cautious not to cause any damage, as I had experienced this issue before. This time, a technician from Brake Max windshield replacement arrived, and I explained the same instructions as always. I told him about my past experiences and emphasized the need for careful handling to prevent any damage. However, he became offended and disregarded my advice, claiming his 20 years of experience made him knowledgeable enough. Despite my concerns, he proceeded to repeat the same mistakes as the first technician. He forcefully removed the arms with pliers and used an air compression tool to reinstall them, both of which were incorrect procedures. The arms should slide off when aligned properly, and using a power tool to reinstall them only leads to stripping due to excessive torque. I'm incredibly angry and frustrated, and there seems to be no immediate solution to rectify the situation.

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