People Around The World Cosplay As Americans For 4th of July : And the results are hilarious!

People Around The World Cosplay As Americans For 4th of July : And the results are hilarious!

4th of July LARP: Celebrating America's Summer Holiday in Poland

A group in Poland known as 4th of July LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing) has embraced the spirit of America's summer holiday. This unique group of enthusiasts dresses as Americans and immerses themselves in various scenarios they imagine happening in the U.S. during the 4th of July celebrations.

Embracing American Culture

With a deep appreciation for American traditions, 4th of July LARP embodies the experiences and customs associated with the summer holiday. Their dedication to authenticity is evident in both their attire and behavior.

Melting People

An Overarching Theme

While the experiences of Americans are diverse, 4th of July LARP follows an overarching theme that guides their portrayal. The group strives to capture the essence of a classic American summer celebration, complete with barbecues, fireworks, and patriotic decorations.

Imagined Scenarios

Members of 4th of July LARP engage in various imagined scenarios, bringing to life their vision of American summer festivities. From beach parties to backyard gatherings, they create an immersive environment where they can experience the joy and camaraderie associated with this beloved holiday.

Portraying American Stereotypes

In their quest for authenticity, the participants from Poland meticulously embody certain American stereotypes to enhance their LARPing experience.

Dressing the Part

To act like Americans, the LARP enthusiasts from Poland pay attention to specific clothing choices. They might wear clothing with American flag motifs or opt for casual attire like jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. In a playful exaggeration, they might even wear an abundance of New Balance sneakers, a brand often associated with American footwear.

Barbecue Mishaps

As part of their portrayal, the Polish participants embrace the stereotype of a burnt barbecue. They comically recreate scenarios where their barbecues go awry, adding a touch of humor to their LARPing experience.


Obsession with Domestic Beer

Playing on the stereotype of Americans and their preference for domestic beer, the LARP enthusiasts humorously emphasize their "obsession" with Budweiser. They may pretend to carry around cans of light beer, engaging in playful banter about their favorite brews.

Affinity for Lawn Care

To further embody American stereotypes, the participants might express a keen interest in lawn care. They may pretend to mow imaginary lawns or engage in humorous conversations about the best ways to achieve a perfectly manicured lawn.


Quotes from Enthusiastic Cosplayers

"Participating in 4th of July LARP allows me to explore American culture in a unique and exciting way. It's like stepping into a different world for a day!" - Sarah, LARP enthusiast.

"I love the attention to detail that the group puts into recreating an authentic American experience. It's a fun and immersive way to celebrate the 4th of July!" - Michael, avid cosplayer.


"Being part of 4th of July LARP has given me a deeper appreciation for American traditions and the significance of this holiday. It's a fantastic opportunity to step outside my own culture and embrace a different perspective." - Emily, LARP enthusiast.


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